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HanArt Window decorations

Apartament na
Starej Pradze

Completion 2020

Interior design Filip Sobstel, pracownia SAFS

Window decorations HanArt

This bedroom is located above the two-story living room, separated only by a glass wall connecting at a right angle to a window overlooking Warsaw.
Therefore, not only curtains were needed on the window, but also curtains separating the living area from the night sleeping area.

We proposed black electric rails (due to the color of the lighting), controlled by a remote control drvice. It allows you to open the curtains while still in bed :).

Velour fabric in intense green color goes perfectly with the wallpaper and wooden wall finish. A velvet bedspread with a pattern resembling natural fur trimmed with silk and pillows in two sizes with decorative trimmings provide an elegant finish to this interior.