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HanArt Window decorations

Czarny Potok Hotel, Krynica-Zdrój

Completion 2022

Interior design Barbara Szapel commissioned by the investor - JW Construction

Window decorations HanArt

Photography Mariusz Szachowski

This implementation was an incredible challenge for us due to the size, difficult designs of individual rooms and this project distance, which did not help when plementing constant changes in the design.

The music room with patterned curtains with double pleats required mathematical skills, as the width of the entire wall was approximately 22 m and it was decorated with triple decoration.
The base was a blackout fabric, with cordons (decorative fringes) on it to increase the aesthetic value. Additionally, from time to time, implementing patterned decorative curtains consisting of three or four segments with double pleats and decorative buttons with a diameter of up to 7-8 cm! (made to order by a craftsman).

The SPA rooms are equipped with electric roof blinds, which are covered with a light turquoise fabric mounted on two curtain rods to create a canopy under them. The whole thing descended to the ground in the form of a decorative curtain fastened with a rope.
Translucent curtains surrounding the treatment tubs hung on ceiling rails bent in place into an appropriately sized ellipse.

All fabrics used in this project had to be certified as non-flammable, which is a requirement for public buildings.