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HanArt Window decorations

HBO OFFICES realized in 2018

Completion 2018

Interior design Dominik Dzierzbiński for SPACE PLAN

Window decorations HanArt

This project was one of the biggest challenges in our work so far due to its enormous size and non-standard solutions.

The curtains here were made of several types of nonflammable, fire retardant fabrics. Mounting the rails was another challenge.. We had to use non-standard solutions, because we couldn't drill into alluminum support of the walls or into industrial ceilings which were full of pipes and precluded mounting them there.

Most of the interior was full of glass partitions and glass booths equipped with their own curtains provided for telephone calls or meetings with clients to insure privacy.

The boss's office also had two glass walls (apart from the wall with windows), which needed to be covered.

The bar curtains were suspended from the ceiling on a specially constructed platform mounted to the ceiling on swinging slings. This required engineering calculations, because such large and heavy decorations had to be completely safe.