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A story through beautiful, elegant interiors...

Creating perfect designs:

We are happy to undertake projects that are technically difficult and unusual, especially those that are being rejected by our competitors. Our designs and solutions are tailored to the customer’s needs and match the technical requirements of the interior of given room. Our business is growing to satisfy the needs of ever developing of modern markets, our clients and the technical aspects of current trends. We attend all the important trade fairs in Poland as well as abroad, it helps us to keep up with current market news and all the new trends of interior design industry. If you would like to obtain the best arrangements, best designs for your windows, we will be more than happy to help you out with finest projects. Please feel free to contact us!

Our Store

We have a wide selection of curtain fabrics from best European Designers and manufacturers. For your needs we offer high class wall and ceiling curtain rods made of variety of metals including precious metals as well as manual and electric ceiling rails from well known companies like Forest, we offer Roman and Austrian shades, blinds for the day and the night and the blinds for sky windows. We have high quality wooden and aluminum blinds, vertically pleated blinds, mosquito nets, everything tailor-made to your specifications. We also have decorative pillows, bed spreads, chair cushions and table cloths to match.

For Perfect execution of your order:

Our decorations are tailored-made in a highly professional sewing place, this is a known factory that has been in existence for over 25 years; it’s what ensures high quality standards of their work, we also offer, made by them, reliable and easy to use Roman blinds systems. We offer the highest standard of our service starting with design tailored to your needs through the assembly and hanging of the finished decorations, we even iron them for you right at customer’s place! We also offer an Express Service, which can be ordered for an additional fee.